Why you Need to Purchase a HTML5 Authoring Tool

Why you Need to Purchase a HTML5 Authoring Tool

Reason #1: Flash based eLearning content won’t play on the iPad or  iPhone.

 You get the picture of a Lego you see here…

Reason #2: A recent survey of just over 1,600 business technology buyers, conducted by ChangeWave Research, found that 22 percent of respondents were planning to buy tablet computers during the second quarter of 2012. Bottom line…the iPad is not a fad and will have a HUGE effect on how you deliver eLearning in the very near future.

As a Learning and Development professional, you need to be able to deliver Mobile eLearning curriculum to Apple devices. Ideally you will have your Mobile eLearning program implemented before you get the calls, emails, texts, smoke signals from your students asking why they can’t take their eLearning on their iPads.

Reason #3: Delivering Mobile eLearning content to mobile devices is different. For example, you can’t take an eLearning course on an iPhone as the screen is much smaller.

Don’t Panic! All is well, thanks to the new crop of HTML5 Authoring Tools that will publish eLearning content that will play on mobile devices. These tools allow you to publish your content to HTML5 the new format that plays on mobile devices as well as computers. 

Sign up for a free trial of Claro a Web based authoring tool that creates eLearning content in HTML5 format. Then create and test a course on your eLearning system.

Click this link for a free trial of Claro http://info.cogentys.com/free-trial-get-started-today?hsCtaTracking=53f110e9-d67c-4099-84dc-c18fa2fbe3f5%7Cfd3de6f2-0fa8-4f30-966e-0a0379b4c7aa

Mobile learning

Other options include the soon to be released Articulate Storyline as well as Captivate 5.5 . The Captivate tool converts Flash based eLearning into HTML5 format. Really slick!!!

Hope this post helps. If you have questions give me a call at 323 466 6806 or drop me an email john.lawrence@cogentys.com



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