Antitrust Essentials Training Course

Online Antitrust Essentials Training Course Summary

This 45-minute online training course explains the basic principles of U.S. antitrust law in simple and understandable terms. Our fun and interactive online Antitrust Training course includes; pop quizzes, news clippings and a final quiz highlighting real world situations.

The topics covered in the online antitrust training course include:

Overview of U.S. antitrust law
Recognizing “red flags”
Relationships with competitors
• Price-fixingAntitrust Essentials Compliance Training
• Allocating markets or customers
• Boycotts
• Other improper competitor contacts
• Price-related restrictions
• Geographic or customer restrictions
Relationships with customers
• Exclusive dealing
• Tying
• Reciprocal dealing
• Dual distribution
Mergers and acquisitions
• Pre-merger reporting
• Pre-closing sharing of information
Monopolistic behavior
• Predatory pricing
• Refusals to deal
Price discrimination
• Meeting competition
• Promotional services
Exemptions from the antitrust laws
• Lobbying activities
• Labor-related activities
• State action
• Regulated industries
Special industries
• Insurance
• Healthcare
Antitrust in other contexts

• Government contracting
• Foreign trade

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