Corporate Training

Thanks to recent developments in technology, 2013 marks the year that Corporate Training will become more affordable, efficient and well….. better then ever.  Here’s how to get started.


Step One: Creating your Corporate Training Curriculum

Off the Shelf Corporate Training

OpenSesame, our eLearning curriculum partner has over 15,000 Corporate Training courses available for purchase that will play and record in our Learning Management System.


Custom Corporate Training

These are the Corporate Training courses that need to be created specifically for your organization and product offering.

Cogentys has a team of experienced project managers, graphic designers and producers available to develop custom Corporate Training and other content that engages and motivates your audience while delivering measurable results.

Cogentys offers a full suite of content services, including:

Consultation Mobile Content Optimization
Scripting Instructional Design
Storyboarding Professional Narration
PowerPoint/Graphic Design Translation
Content Creation Transcription


Cogentys’ experts can help. For anything from a small repair to a major overhaul, they’ll work with you to understand the objectives for each course, and then apply experience and expertise to make the improvements necessary to drive better business results.

Video & Audio Services from eLearningTV

The eLearningTV division of Cogentys provides video and audio production and editing services. Whether it’s a product demo, in-person video shoot or professional podcast.

Step Two: Deliver and Measure your Corporate Training On-line

Cogentys LMS My Training UI2 grid view

This is where you need a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and measure your Corporate Training curriculum. Cogentys will hold your hand all the way through the implementation process and beyond.

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Business Skills Training

OpenSesame delivers the largest library of instantly available business skills courses from top eLearning providers, period!  Business skills courses can help experienced executives  and new managers excel in an ever changing economic environment. You need a great selection of current,  high quality business skills courses that fit into your corporate training budget.

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Industry Specific Training

OpenSesame features the largest catalog of online training courses on the Internet and provides thousands of elearning courses to meet your specific industry’s eLearning needs. They offer course opportunities in Construction, Green Technology, Power Distribution, Real Estate, Sustainability, Finance & Insurance, Manufacturing, and many others.

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Information Technology

OpenSesame’s information technology training courses offer education on a wide variety of subjects that will help your employees become knowledgeable about computer technology in today’s digital world. Information technology training is important for all businesses, no matter the size or sector. Virtually all companies have a website and a majority do business over the internet. By taking OpenSesame’s information technology training courses, employees will be up-to-date.

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Safety Training

Safety training is a vital piece of any workplace, and many business conduct safety training for employees to stay compliant with state and federal requirements. OpenSesame provides  safety training for any sized business, which can be used to prevent unsafe activities and help lower your companies insurance costs.

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Want to speak to an expert and try the LMS?

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LMS access

Web-based and works on desktop computers and mobile devices. No need for any software downloads!  Wherever you or your learners have access to the internet, they can get to the LMS 24/7.  Our site uptime is spectacular at 99.9%, including all LMS updates.  We constantly work to support the latest browser updates on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox & Safari


Mobile Learning

When accessing the Cogentys LMS from a mobile device, users automatically get simplified login and training pages so your learners have access to properly published and formatted courses. Courses created in HTML5 will be even play on Apple devices, like the iPad and iPhone.



Your LMS will be protected by SSL security and stored on highly secure servers that are backed up regularly.  We also use an encryption routine for LMS login security.


Cogentys LMS updates

Technology is constantly evolving and we will provide updates and new features at no additional cost so you always have an up to date LMS.  We go through extensive quality assurance testing prior to releasing updates.



Need specific customized features? No problem.  We develop custom features and operability for our customers all the time, affordably.


It’s easy to use

Simple intuitive navigation. Whether you are the super administrator or learner with basic access, the Cogentys Mobile Learning Management System is easy to use. We also provide training and video tutorials.